Get many benefits with the services of Nihar Gala

Family Medicine is a specialty of the ambulatory clinical field that deals with the comprehensive care of the patient and her family. As an integrating discipline, its field of action is not limited to a particular organ or system but to the globality and context of the different health/disease situations that may occur throughout a person’s life.
It is an extremely broad and complex specialty with tools and knowledge. To exercise it requires specific postgraduate training and continuous updating. Nihar Gala is a doctor trained in this specialty. His training mainly includes training in the most frequent outpatient health problems, regardless of the organ or system affected, and monitoring and care of problems that may require hospitalization.
As the owner and director of Alpha Care Medical, Nihar Gala practices this specialty of medicine to help many people improve their health status.

best professional practice

Beyond the context where Family Medicine is practiced, Nihar Gala is a family doctor who is trained to carry out different services such as family interviews, assistance to children, adults, and the elderly, the performance of gynecological practices, the monitoring of pregnancies, minor surgeries, childbirth, psychosocial interviews and any other practice that is related to the resolution of frequent problems in their field of professional practice.

Prevention and healthy life

Many patients and families can already mention the benefits they have obtained with the services of Nihar Gala as a family doctor. It puts into practice a care modality in which the contact between the patient and his doctor is not limited to the disease situation; to see the doctor, it is not necessary to be sick, allowing access to prevention strategies and healthy life.
In this way, the results are always based on guaranteeing an optimal state of health and providing first-quality care.

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