What can I throw in a Skip hire?

The first one is known as “mini skip”. These are the smallest skip hire cost you can order. The size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but they usually come under two to three cubic meters. These are best for household use. If you have a party or any special occasion in your house, just skip hire a couple of these and you would not be worried about the trash anymore, unless if no one is using the bins. These bins can also be used for garden cleaning, or to dump small furniture items. These bins can hold up to 35 trash bags at a time.
Then comes the middle-sized Skip hire prices. They are sized from four to six cubic meters and can carry double the amount of waste than mini skips. They are capable of holding 45 – 55 trash bags. It is not suitable to use these Skip hire prices for single household purposes. These can be used in public places such as parks. Other than that, people living in apartments can share these bins. As these bins can hold up to 6 tonnes of hard waste, it is not going to fill too soon.
Another Skip hire, known as the “builders skip” is 6 yards long. This Skip hire can hold up to 70 trash bags. It is perfect if you are moving to another house. Moreover, you can use it to clean your attic or basement as well. These Skip hire prices come in handy in renovation processes. They help you increase efficiency and reduce workload as you do not have to care about dumping trash, the garbage truck will take the Skip hire by itself. It saves time and reduces pollution.
The last one is the 8-yard skip, also known as “large builders skip”. It is as huge as a family car. One other common name for this one is jumbo-sized Skip hire prices. These bins further have different sizes. They are available in sizes from 10-30 cubic meters. These Skip hire prices are used by huge industries that have tonnes of waste material to deal with, daily. They are also used at construction sites. Mostly at demolition projects. Some people also hire these when they have to relocate to another place. They can hold furniture, timber, household products etc. It can ideally hold about ninety trash bags.
However, one should understand the bigger is not always better. This is because people usually dump waste into these Skip hire prices to the fullest whereas the companies clearly state to fill the bins till a certain height so that the waste can be easily dumped later on and does not cause problems. Skip hire prices should be used by everyone as these companies are working hard to control pollution on this planet.

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